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I started this blog for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I need to stretch my writing muscles. I am studying creative writing in the hopes of eventually producing some of my own decent literature in the future. In order to reach my goal, I am taking the advice that is often proffered by established writers: Write as often as you can. Writing is the same as any other skill, you have to practice to increase your proficiency, just as you would shooting a bow and arrow, playing chess, or driving a car. Reading works by others is a great way to learn technique and gain insight, but only by “putting pen to paper” can I explore and grow my own voice and style.

Secondly, I believe it is important to have a outlet in which to express creativity or opinions, and while there it can be cathartic to write those thoughts and keep them to myself, I think a more productive use of my words is to put them out where others can see and respond to them. More productive in correcting technique and structure, and when possible, inviting outside opinions and ideas that are different and unique and even contrary to mine, in order to stimulate my own thought process.

To this end, I thought that I would start with relatively simple topics to write about, those pertaining to entertainment. I enjoy most of the normal options for simple diversions, from movies and television to video games, and of course books! These days I am often on the dull side of the cutting edge of entertainment, but I still find enjoyment in what I view and read and so will comment on what I can.

I intend to write opinion pieces and reviews of games, shows, movies(those few I actually watch now a days) and perhaps even about some of the books I enjoy. Some of these will be recent or upcoming releases of course, but I also intend to look back at some of the things I have enjoyed in the past and believe others could still glean some amusement from. At one point I intend to expand the scope of my writing and comment on more impactful topics such as politics and world events, but that will most likely be a separate blog in order to keep this one more lighthearted. Like most things in life, these posts will be subjective, but I look forward to writing them and hopefully, you will enjoy reading them.

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